Lignocellulose – A Courageous Title for a Scholarly Journal

How does one go about choosing the name for a scientific journal? For instance, why is this journal called Lignocellulose? Why not something simpler, such as Wood? Or, alternatively, how about Biomass? Or maybe “wood-derived products” would be the most accurate descriptor for what the journal is about. Compared to these terms, the word “lignocellulose” is not nearly as well known. But the fact is that scientists are increasingly using the term “lignocellulosic” to describe the gross chemical composition of woody material. The irony is that this journal is not just for scientists; there is a lot in this journal that will be of interest to the public, as well as to practical industrial technologists. So in the end, the title Lignocelluose becomes known for the journal itself – regardless of how or whether different readers would define the term.
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Lignocellulose; Terminology; Branding

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