Chemical Characteristics of the Cone and Wood of Pinus Pinea

The cell wall components and solubility characteristics of Pinus pinea cone and wood fibers harvested from three regions in Turkey were determined. The ash content of the cones was higher than that of the wood fibers, almost similar to the ash content of softwood bark. The total extractives that were generated by successive extractions were approximately 23 to 30% of the weight of the cones. Both the cones and wood fibers contained almost equal amounts of holocellulose. However, the alpha-cellulose content was higher in the wood samples. The cones contained more acid-soluble lignin than did the wood, but after 1% NaOH-extraction, the Klason lignin content in cones was lower than that in wood. With the exception of those from the Coruh region, the chemical analysis of the cones from other regions gave almost identical results, and the values of the measured components in the wood exhibited only small differences.
واژگان کلیدی
Pinus pinea; Cone; Wood; Chemical components

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