New Light on the Coptic Manichaean Synaxeis A Codicological and Textological Survey (With Two Appendices)


The Coptic cunaxic (σύναξις, Synaxeis), wherein come the twentytwo
chapter titles of each logoc (logos, chapter) of the peuaggelion
etan=h (the Living Gospel,) found in Egypt (Fayyūm), contains only
page-headers and is only partly legible. It helps us to reconstruct parts
of the contents of Mānī’s Living Gospel. Although the remaining text
of the Middle Persian version of the Living Gospel contains only a part
of the first chapter, the Synaxeis containing 22 logia lets us know that
at least the ‘second Meeting’ (synaxis) of its sixth Discourse (logos, i.e.
chapter) dealt with the Great Builder (Syr. bn rbʾ; MP rʾz ʿy wzrg) and
that the content of the ninth chapter was about ‘the coming of Jesus the
Christ’. The new editions of the codex are of enormous value, giving us
new, previously unimaginable information.

Coptic Synaxeis, Manichaean Codex, Mānī’s Gospel, reconstruction.


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