An Implementation of Task-based Approach in Teaching Official Persian Language to Local Speakers of the Lārī Language


This study is aimed to design tasks for teaching official Persian language to speakers of the Lārī language, a language spoken in the
southernmost of Iran and other states of the Persian Gulf with around a million speakers. The study, in this respect, is founded on the basis
of the importance of tasks in language teaching. In order to teach Persian grammar to Lārī speakers, the tasks are designed according
to the similarities and differences between Persian and Lārī in Verbal and Nominal phrases. The study further examines the impact of the
syllabus on its applicants. The research has been conducted on the base of a quasi-experimental method. The sample included 60 students
selected via purposive selection who were divided into two groups of experimental and control). The experimental group received the
research-designed task-based syllabus in learning Persian and control group received their regular syllabus in schools. Having implemented
the pretest, the treatment (for 24 sessions, each of which for an hour) and post-test, the data were analyzed through descriptive and inferential
statistics (through SPSS). Findings revealed that experimental group outperformed in the post-test. In addition, the results showed that the
treatment was effective in enhancing the Persian grammar literacy of Lārī speakers. Consequently, the researcher-made model of influential factors proved that tasks made grammar forms salient to the learner via its communicative activities.

Task-based syllabus, Persian language, Lārī, grammar


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